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    We recently launched with a new ecommerce software provider, and in order to ensure complete security of your data, we did not transfer any account information -- including any saved credit card data -- from the old provider to the new provider.

    As a result, you will have to re-enter your information during checkout the next time you shop in our store. However, should you decide to save your credit card information in our new system by registering an account, you will not have to enter it again during any future visits.

    For auction users, you will have to create a new profile and re-enter your billing information the next time you want to bid on an auction. However, once you register and save your profile in our system, you will not have to enter your payment information again during any future visits to our site.  

    Just to confirm, your data was not lost, stolen or compromised in any way. Our site remains safe and secure, adhering to the highest industry standards for handling credit card information. During the transition period, your previously saved data will remain with our old gateway provider to allow us to process, if necessary, any additional charges or refunds relating to transactions that occurred as part of our old system. After a few months, however, your data will be completely removed from the old provider’s system in a safe and secure manner.

    We thank you for your continued support.